Königin Freue

For several weeks now, Johanna has been asking me what I was going to name my new BMW. Her black Ford Focus is already a named member of our household, going by the ever appropriate “Schwarz” (black in German).

I’ve never named a car, so this was an odd task. How do I name a car I haven’t met? What should I be considering when naming it, anyway? Is it male or female? And how the hell do I pick a good name? Ugh, this was going to be complicated.

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Die Große Deutschland-Tour

I’m hardly an expert when it comes to Germany, but I definitely have a great appreciation for the geography, the food, the culture, and, of course, the cars. So when it comes to seeing as much of Germany as possible, we’ve got a kick ass plan in place. For 17 days we are going to galavant across Deutschland. From the heart of Bavaria, to the slopes of the Alps, to the banks of the Rhine, to the northern coasts and everywhere in between.

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Working with the Best

Buying a car is a scary proposition. Next to buying a home, it’s probably one of the single largest purchases you make in your life. Combine that with the usual tales of car salesman, and you have a classic recipe for indigestion.

It was with this fear that I came across the best cure: Dave Parker, Fleet Manager at Stevens Creek BMW in Santa Clara, California. To say that Dave is a veteran would be an understatement. He’s been selling cars for BMW for over 30 years.

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